Thursday, October 21, 2010

Virtual Backgrounds - July 2010 workshop

Keeping up with new feeds is sometimes quite difficult and certainly time consuming but here are several images Trevon Baker created during the July training workshop in San Marcos, TX. Trevon shows how he is using the system in his studio to show our visitors how easy and creative it is.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Virtual Backgrounds - Workshop Photos by Trevon Baker

All of these images where created by Trevon Baker, Montana, during our regular Virtual Backgrounds training workshop.

The workshop includes lots of hands on time, lighting and posing information with the use of Virtual Backgrounds and a demonstration of a typical session in Trevon's studio.

Virtual Backgrounds - NEW Website

Virtual Backgrounds has redesigned it's website with much more information, sample photographs and ideas than before.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pro Photographics, Canada

Backgrounds created with Spectravue 300 and 6x7 portable roll up screen.

Here is a typical school photography set up.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Difference

What is the difference between an amateur and a professional photographer?
"The number of shots it takes to get a good one".

The photograph below shows my youngest son and was created just a couple of weeks ago by Joseph and Louise Simone ( while conducting their posing and lighting workshop in our learning facility.

Amateurs capture time in a moment, professionals capture a moment in time.

I sometimes get asked what the difference is between our optical system and greenscreen and I usually answer "workflow, time and money" and explain. Virtual Backgrounds let's the creative photographer compose everything ahead of time and have it in the camera right away while greenscreen is some guesswork and also requires post production work. Why would you want to cut and paste backgrounds and sacrifice quality? Of course it also depends on your type of photography - if you do fun type images like sitting on a cow then greenscreen is the way to go.

The Perfect Storm…in these difficult days, providing your subjects with maximum variety and creativity is critical to your success.

Virtual Backgrounds is not for everyone, but please take a few moments to review the sample photographs below and think about how VB could improve your creativity, workflow and business.

Lito Sy, Philippines

Lito Sy - International Award Winning Photographer
Multiple Studios, 2 systems (Scene Machine Digital)
For more of his work please visit
Also visit his blog at to see one of his studios and scene machine set up

Images by Rainy, GA - part 2

More samples from Rainy - creative, unique, successful.